My Dream for Nigeria

Before going to bed, i had to eat something. I opened d fridge nd yes, all d things in my fridge had turned to block;d light had been on for 8 years without going off.I finished eating nd went to bed. Oh I ve to reduce d speed of this fan, d voltage is so high.I woke up very early in d morning to d sound of classical music. I casually strolled into the bathroom. Oh!the cold is too much this morning, i turned on d hot-water tap.While towelling myself dry, i turned on the radio and heard the presenter speaking of how Nigeria is now one of the most developed countries in the world and how d Nigerian president yesterday declared his asset and all he had to boast of was N20 million naira and a duplex in his village.I finished dressing up and took my time to eat. I had no reason to rush,afterall the road is always free and there are nopotholes.On d way, i saw a few policemen patrolling and I greeted them. I stopped to chat wit dem 4 a few minutes after which i drove off laughing.In my workplace, i saw some people loitering in d waiting room nd discovered dey were here to be interviewed.I saw d son of the permanent secretary.I also saw a young man with tattered shoes nd patched-up trouser; he graduated recently from one of d government universities, but everyone could testify to the fact that he’s brilliant.While­ going home that day, i saw the man with d tattered shoes smiling and i asked him why. “Sir, i’ve been given d job.” “What! What of the Permanent secretary’s son, didn’t his father call beforehand?No”D man said, “He didn’t”That evening,i went out 2 play in D neighborhood, i saw Adamu and Obinna discussing d recent trend in the country,of hw Mallam Danjuma is now D governor of Rivers state, Senator Abifarin Oluwafemi is now the governor in Borno state,Mr Chijioke Godffrey is now the governor of Oyo state.Den I had a Mosquito bite on my nose,as I slapped my face.I woke up realized that I took large dose of cough syrup…Chai!!! NIGERIA OF MY DREAM. Good morning


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