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Jonathan’s Two Years Of Unending Drama

Anniversary are usually time for the celebration achievement, milestones attained or the like.

As president Goodluck Jonathan set to celebrate the second year of his four year term in office, it is time to look at how well he has fared in his administration of Nigeria.

President Jonathan’s 2 years in office seem like 10 years of military dictatorship in Nigeria. Hardly does a day pass by without Nigerians witnessing one form of national drama or the other.

Amongst many other maladies, bomb blast has now become as regular as PHCN. His government revel in corruption and indiscipline.

Let’s take a good look at some of the negative things President Jonathan has done since his 2 years in office.

(1) He refused to publicly declare his asset at the inception of his government on May 29, 2011 and then proceeded to tell Nigerians in nation-wide TV interview, “I don’t give a damn” about assets declaration.

(2) Aso rock under Jonathan has become a grave yard of investigative committees. We have lost count of the number of committees he has set up since 2 years ago. What is very sad in it is that he failed to implement findings and recommendation of the committees

(3) His controversial endorsement of the suspension of the president of the court of Appeal, Justice Ayo salami, as many people believe is all about the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) losing Ekiti and Osun state which the party appropriated to itself through a most shameful electoral heist.

(4) On New Year’s Day 2012, Jonathan greeted Nigerian with the shock of new oil prices, as he attempted to scrap ‘subsidies’, leading to general strike and protest. As a result of this, the administration promised to establish refineries as well as execute mass public works to provide employment for the youth; we are yet to feel the impact of these promises

(5) He did not make any reference to the endemic corruption in the oil
sector, and he refused to sack petroleum minister Diezani Alison-Madueke who has been serially accused of corruption and self enrichment.

(6) Over #5 trillion of government funds have been stolen through Fraud, Scam, Embezzlement and theft since his resumption in office. Massive frauds has been witnessed in some ministries. For instance, Ribadu’s report on the oil and gas sector put daily crude
oil theft at 250,000 barrels costing the nation $6.3bn a year. Meanwhile, the statutory institutions created to fight these monsters of economic crimes (EFCC and ICPC) have gone to sleep.

(7) Fuel subsidy and pension funds have been stolen under his watch. There is no evidence that these people involved will be prosecuted and be made to answer for the crimes they were alleged to have committed.
(8) He went on air to claim that Nigerians were impressed with the current level of improvement on power. His claim was immediately challenged on twitter by Nigerians, who were following the interview with many tweeting, that they were watching the interview using

(9) He lied to the world in his independence day anniversary speech that global corruption watchdog -Transparency international has endorsed and praised his administration’s war against corruption.
(10) He cheerfully accepted a donation of church from a government contractor which is strongly against the constitution he promised to uphold.

(11) The President go on foreign trips without minding the current security challenges in the country. His trips are often preceded with advance parties and entourages which attract huge estacodes at the country’s expenses.

(12) His administration came up with an innovation project to distribute 10 million mobile phones to farmers.
(13) The presidency as usual lied about the first lady’s health, insisting tha Mrs. Jonathan travelled for a “deserved rest”. But in February this year, the first lady narrated how she went through
“hell”, while in hospital. She said she was “dead” for 7 days and that she did 9 surgeries to correct her “unknown ailment”. The summary of it was that the presidency lied to Nigerians on simple issue. How would they expect anyone to ever believe them again?

(14) He granted presidential pardon to former governor of Bayelsa state, chief Alamieyeseigha and made mockery of himself as he continued to insist his government is determined to fight corruption.

(15) He awarded juicy contracts to ethnic militia leaders in the south-south; he also went ahead to do the same for OPC leaders, by awarding the allocation of oil pipeline security contracts to them. This shows that he encourages other people to organise themselves and take up arms so as  to get a share of the national cake.

(16) For a significant part of his 2 years in office, we witnessed several episodes of conflict in many part of the country, particularly the northern side where Boko Haram, an Islamic terror sect
killed thousands of Nigerians. This is, as a result of the economic mess and high poverty rate that the Jonathan administration created in the last 2 years.

The drama is not yet over, we are still watching…

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PDP: 14 years of Failure in Governance by Azeez Ibrahim Oluwafemi

We are all living witnesses to the great economic mismanagement, poor governance, collapsing infrastructure and falling standard of education, insecurity, poverty, injustice, unemployment and high spate of corruption which an inept and corrupt leadership have imposed on our beloved nation for the past fourteen years. I am referring to the harsh intolerable condition under which we are now living by the led People Democratic Party (PDP) since 1999 till date.

First, let me start with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo whose government can best be described as a catastrophic failure. The 8 years he served as Nigeria’s civilian president were nightmarish and everybody acknowledge that the country did not move forward. Many people believe that what Nigerian went through during the 8 years of president Obasanjo’s supposedly democratic government was not fundamentally different from what Nigerians experienced during the over 35 years of military dictatorship in Nigeria since independence in 1960.

Corruption during Obasanjo’s tenure pervades the entire structure of private and public sectors. The Bureau of private Enterprises for Example, oversaw the privatisation of many government-Owned business including Nitel, Hilton Hotel and industries in the sugar, rice, steel and other sectors. It is widely believed that privatisation exercise benefited Obasanjo through Aliko Dangote and various other agents. Despite all this, he failed woefully in tackling the problem of electricity supply, not minding that trillions of naira was injected into the power sector.

He supported the illegal impeachment of several state governors but where later to be reversed by the Supreme Court and saw to the conduct of a highly controversial and widely criticised election in April, 2007. The elections was condemned by Nigerians as severely flawed and do not meet the standard acceptable anywhere in the democratic world. As if that was not enough, he proposed the third term agenda; a plan to modify the constitution so as to enable him serves another four years
as president.

He imposed Umaru Yar’adua on Nigerians who in reality would not have won the election. For the two and a half years that Yar’adua presided over the affairs of the country, we did not see anything from him. The fact was that he didn’t have the health to do the job. We all know how
it ended.

After the death of President Umaru Yar’adua,Goodluck  in 2011, President Jonathan assumed the leadership of Nigeria and went ahead to contest and win the 2011 election. The election was marred by violence and many people lost their lives. Close to two years that Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, has been in charge of affairs of our dear country. His achievement is very simple and they
are best described as fake promises, lies, and endorsement of corruption as well as the rise in insecurity of lives and property.

In 2011, President Jonathan promised to bring full and uninterrupted electricity to Nigerians, but up to this moment what Nigerians have seen is uninterrupted darkness. Under Jonathan, the menace of corruption has reached an unprecedented level.  Just last year, the finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala told us that 400,000 barrels of oil per day were looted from the country in just one month. That is just an example of so many barefaced corruptions.

We remember former Bayelsa state governor, DSP Alamieyeseigha who after raping the treasury of Bayelsa state was suddenly granted pardon by Jonathan. This implied that he has supported corruption and corrupt practices in the country.

The frightening escalation of the treat and damage from the Boko Haram insurgence has reached unacceptable level since President Jonathan resumed office and that is due to his incompetence. How do we expect foreign investors to ibest in a country that is not only unstable, but is unsafe for lives and properties?

As we match on the road to 2015, many people agree that there is an urgent need to provide a credible alternative to the PDP-led failure government that has held power since 1999. The question most Nigerians are asking is whether the All Progress Congress (APC) which is a fusion of four opposition parties will solve Nigeria’s problem? What are the programmes they have for the people? Do they have something different from PDP? The answers to these questions fall on their shoulders.

My advice to APC is that they must bring up candidates that would meet the expectation of Nigerians. Under the PDP led government, mind boggling corruption cases and insecurity has dominated the headlines. Thus, Nigerians expect candidates from the APC who have the determination to fight corruption and bring stability to the country. APC must present committed and decisive candidates that can prudently manage our natural resource revenue and implement strategic policy measure to boost job creation.

They must present a candidate who will reduce inequality in the system and cut down avoidable expenses in government.  APC must produce a candidate who will diversify our economy, empower
the small business sector to take the advantage of the vast opportunities that exist in today’s global market.

Let me conclude my article by one of my favourite quote that said, “let us not seek to fix the failure for the past government, let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”Everybody agree that past and present leaders have failed us, but let us take responsibility for their actions because it is our generation which will suffer most. The present crop of leaders has little to lose; we will live with the consequence of their actions, while our children’s future becomes increasingly uncertain.

May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.